Toyota Camry NYIAS

Design & Development

To showcase the Toyota Camry’s new look and the personality of Toyota drivers, we expanded on our bullet-time photo booth concept to embody the feelings of motion, speed, and joy, creating a memorable experience for New York Auto Show visitors.

Prominent placement at the show room entrance demanded a visually striking exhibit to attract attention while complimenting the auto show's elaborate surroundings. We designed a sleek camera enclosure, housing the 20 cameras used for the bullet time effect and a wall backdrop with built-in 3-dimensional lenticular sculptures measuring 12 feet high, 30 feet in diameter with a 120° arc. The exhibit became a landmark at the auto show, drawing in over 3,000 visitors.

From our custom kiosks, guests emailed themselves a shareable video of their moment with the Camry, frozen in time with a shifting background. The takeaway asset acted as a subtle reminder to Toyota's classic jumping motif, now modernized in an exciting, moving memory.

Technical Production

Environmental Design

Graphic Design

iOS Development for Delivery Kiosks

Custom App for Photo Stitching

Secure Backend Server