Toyota Camry Detroit Auto Show

Design & Development

Toyota tasked us with coming up with a social and interactive activation focused around the all-new (and at the time, very top secret) 2018 Toyota Camry at the Detroit North American International Auto Show. Because there were only 3 production cars in existence at the time, public access to the interior would be limited and this pushed us to design our experience around the completely redesigned and feature rich interior. Our goal was to let every auto show attendee explore the Camry’s interior even though they would not have physical access to it on the show floor.

We found a cool new form of touch interactive, a 360 spherical projection system from PufferFish, and used this technology as the platform for our experience. Using only raw engineering CAD files of the Camry, we designed a life like interactive virtual tour of the interior users could spin, change leather colors, and navigate through informational modals that explained the plethora of new safety and style features available in the car. Tapping the “Start Drive” button would launch the car into a 30 second simulated driving experience where guests could watch the Camry drive through a number of Los Angeles city driving locations.  All VR footage used in the experience was produced entirely in-house and then composited into the interior of the vehicle.  

To bring a social component to the experience, a separate globe became our “Bird’s Eye View Simulator” photo booth. Auto show attendees would walk up to this globe and were prompted to pose for a photo with a hanging 360 camera above. Within seconds, their simulated Bird’s Eye View photo appeared floating around the globe and they could interact with it there. Additionally from our kiosk app, users could email themselves a looping “gif style” video to post directly to social with #CAMRY.

Technical Production

Environmental Design

Graphic Design

iOS Development for Delivery Kiosks

Custom App for Photo Stitching

Secure Backend Server