The Station by Maker

Design & Development

Maker Studios came to us with a challenge to rebrand their most popular channel and relaunch their original channel after both had gone through multiple revisions over the past 6 years.  

The Station began when a group of content creators who wanted to put all of their videos together in one place. But shortly after, The Station was rebranded and the original personality and voice was lost. Our challenge was to revitalize the elements of the brand that made it successful and make it feel new and fresh.  

We leveraged the digital language at the heart of The Station’s identity that represent the roots of the brand. We used the early 2000’s online experience as our inspiration as well as the original version of The Station logo to create a unique design language. Then placed those elements into different contexts, which made for fun expressions in all media. We celebrated imperfection, something at the root of the Maker culture.

Market Research

Business Strategy

Branding, Logo Design & Advertising