Temporary Basis

Design & Development

This interactive art installation explores the merging of music and technology in live performances and events. We partnered with the legendary Delicious Vinyl record label to build the installation in their Infinity Room gallery space in Los Angeles. In two separate rooms we created uniquely different experiences. 

The main feature was a room-sized electronic instrument visually inspired by the aesthetic of a suspension bridge. Visitors played by plucking eight giant strings linked to music samples created by incite artist school along with music from Delicious Vinyl’s artist collection. We custom-built two giant bass tubes and a chandelier, covered in reflective material that ran the length of the gallery space. As the instrument was played, music samples were triggered along with projected lights that created colorful shadows along the walls, giving the experience a retro sci-fi feel.

The second space was a room of reflection, with red, green, and blue spot lights shining into a giant pool of water reverberating from ultrasonic frequencies and ambient soundscapes. The lights bounced off the pulsating water, creating tessellations and beautiful patterns reflected onto the walls. 

Over the course of three weeks the installation had hundreds of visitors, enjoyed by children and musicians alike. Constructed from basic elements and materials, the gallery space transformed into an immersive experience of light and sound.

Environmental Design

Music Production



Event Production