Design & Development

To promote the latest IMAX film, A BEAUTIFUL PLANET, incite teamed up with Los Angeles agency Mistress to create an immersive photo experience that gave visitors a glimpse of what they might look like floating high above Earth.

SXSW party goers lined up by the hundreds for their turn to jump and pose in our large scale green screen photo booth. Immediately after the photo shoot, our team rendered the images in front of a breathtaking orbital backdrop,  generating a shareable five second video of them floating above our beautiful planet. Guests could select and retrieve three versions of their videos from an iPad kiosk, each depicting their poses in front of a spectacular view above the world. Shared videos were hash tagged with #IMAXatSXSW and guests were overheard saying, "best thing I've done at SXSW....EVER.”

Environmental Design


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