"IDOL" by school

Design & Development, Technical Production

Nathan McQueen, aka school, is a producer, songwriter, performer, and member of the incite team. With the release of his new album The Past Matters, school wanted to do something unique for a music video that had never been done before. Attending many music festivals and shows in EDM and Hip Hop, we noticed that live instrumentation took a back seat to drum pads and MIDI controllers. Our goal was to create an environment that a musician could interact with, making unconventional instruments an integral part of a live performance. We designed, fabricated, and programmed these custom instruments using unique elements like water and laser beams. We also designed and built the entire set, incorporating projection mapping into the experience. The end result was shooting a live performance of school playing his new single “Idol."

Music Production

Video Production


Projection Mapping

Environmental Design

Sound Design