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The ambitious “1.24.14” film spanned 15 locations in 10 countries with nearly 1000 crew members to shoot a commercial in a single day. To prepare for a feat of this magnitude, we devoted hundreds of man-hours and created dozens of inventive solutions.At the heart of the campaign was the Command Center, a production studio equipped with an array of Apple products. Our role was to enable a single director to conduct the entire shoot from this Los Angeles location. To accomplish this, we set up direct live video streams from the each of the 15 international teams back to the Command Center.We designed specially tailored kits for each world- renowned cinematographer to shoot on the iPhone 5s. These kits allowed the iPhone 5s to tether to our video-relay, provide local monitoring, and power solutions. Our preliminary technical scouting coupled with our product configuration led to seamless connectivity. Once a location wrapped, we securely transmitted hundreds of gigabytes of footage back to Los Angeles.From sunrise in Melbourne to midnight in Aspen, we brought the world to the city of Los Angeles for the 30th anniversary of the Mac.

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